One More Thing: Steve Jobs Pitches an Office Building

If you’re going to try to sell a big idea (like an office building that looks like a space donut and houses 12,000 employees) you might as well bring out the big guns.

So Apple CEO Steve Jobs– who’s been on a tear with the public events this week– showed up at the Cupertino City Council meeting last night to present Apple’s proposal for their new campus.  At this point Jobs’ first-rate abilities as a salesman are pretty much unquestioned.  What I find fascinating about this clip is how star-struck the audience and the City Council members all appear.  They just can’t stop smiling at the idea that Steve Jobs is there speaking to them.

Few of us have that level of celebrity at our disposal, but this is a great example of how powerful a personal appearance– a presentation– can be when you want to accomplish something; a little human interaction can go a long way.  Tonight the evening news here in the Bay Area had a clip of one of the City Council people saying that he had no doubt that the project would be approved, even though the review process hasn’t even begun yet.

Looks like Jobs will find it considerably easier to build Apple’s new home than it was for him to demolish his old house:

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