The World’s Simplest Presentation Skills Class

I’m of two minds about whether Facebook is a force for good or evil in our lives. But I am pretty amazed about how it has helped me reconnect in person with friends I haven’t seen in ages. Last year I had lunch in Washington DC with my friend Liz Wiley, who I hadn’t talked to since high school (hi Liz!).  And a couple of months ago I managed to have dinner with Tim Goldsmith after discovering that we were both in Atlanta on business. Connecting wasn’t easy since neither of us knew the city very well and the GPS in his rental car seemed to be giving him lousy directions, but we finally met up at Taqueria del Sol in Decatur.

I’m not sure I’d seen him since we lived in Santa Cruz in 1990, so we had a lot to catch up on. As usually happens in these situations, one of the first things to come up was work. It’s kind of a shame how that happens, isn’t it? He told me about his brand new job and I explained that I was developing public speaking and presentation skills training.

“You should just tell your students to take all of the junk off of their slides and then show them a video of Steve Jobs,” Tim said.

It’s not exactly a comprehensive course, but it’s a good piece of advice if it’s all you have time for.

Class dismissed!

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