Create More Engaging Presentations: Prezi’s Experts Program

Do you want to create presentations that really stand out in the sea of PowerPoint slides? I’ve been recommending Prezi to people who want to create engaging visual aids for three years now. But one of the drawbacks to using Prezi was that there weren’t a lot of resources available for anyone who needed training or help doing the design work for their presentations.

Now Prezi has rolled out an Experts Program to help overcome that problem by recommending trainers and designers who can help you make the most of Prezi in your talks. I had fun browsing some of the examples from the different designers, especially those from Barcelona’s with their clever graphics and jaunty music. There are experts available in Europe, China, Australia, and the US. I can personally recommend Angelie Agarwal at Learn Prezi. I worked with her when she was Prezi’s Chief Evangelist and she’s absolutely terrific.

If you haven’t already tried Prezi, give it a shot. You can use it for free!


3 thoughts on “Create More Engaging Presentations: Prezi’s Experts Program

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