Our Services

BulletProof Presentations seminars teach participants to create talks that focus on meeting the needs of their audience in order to be persuasive.  The core element of our program discusses why strong presentation skills are so important in our professional and personal lives and suggests that all presentations should be thought of as a relationship between the speaker and their audience.  Instead of starting to work on their talks by developing PowerPoint slides, every presenter should begin by asking themselves three questions:  “What do I want to accomplish?”  “Who is my audience?” and “How am I going to persuade them?”

Our highly interactive programs are designed to be customized for each engagement based on the needs of our clients.  In addition to our core course we also offer modules on dealing with fear of public speaking, polishing your performance, creating effective slides and visual aids, and improving writing skills.  Multi-session workshops are also available for clients who want to give their staff more experience creating and delivering presentations.  Participants work with small groups to develop and refine their presentations and are recorded delivering their talks so they can get feedback on where they’re doing well and what they can do to improve their skills.

Contact us for more information on seminars, workshops and coaching engagements.

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