Half Day Session: Thinking Differently About Presentations

Anyone can become a better presenter. This session introduces the idea that presentations are the most powerful communications tool in today’s workplaces and that we all need strong presentation skills if we want to be successful. Even though most of us will never give the kind of talk that takes place in a ballroom in front of hundreds of people, each of us gives several presentations throughout the day in the form of project updates, phone calls and impromptu meetings in the elevator. Despite their smaller scale these presentations, just like the more formal ones, require thought and preparation for them to be persuasive. Striking the proper balance between Message, Audience and You in your presentations can help you achieve your objectives and become more effective at work and in everything you do.

Full Day Session:  BulletProof Presentations

Our full-day seminar includes “Thinking Differently About Presentations” and additional modules that offer tactics for dealing with the challenges speakers face in creating and delivering more formal presentations which involve elements like slides and larger audiences. The second half of this course focuses on constructing a strong argument for your presentations and using methods like storytelling and persuasion techniques to win your audience over to your point of view. We discuss fear of public speaking and offer strategies for dealing with it, methods for planning the slides, visual aids and supporting materials that accompany your talks, and tips for polishing your performance when it is finally time to stand up and deliver your presentation.

(This full day seminar can be split over two days)

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