Multi-Session Presentation Workshop:  Building Better Presentations and Professional Presence

This series contains several seminars on developing an effective professional presence and becoming a more effective presenter. Participants will work together to build their own presentations based on what they learn during these session. In the final stages of this series attendees will be recorded delivering their presentations and given feedback by the larger group on what they can do in order to become a better presenter.

Individual sessions can be customized depending on the needs of clients.

Developing Your Professional Presence

Introduces the advantage of developing professional presence as a leadership attribute focused on knowing constituencies and one’s span of influence; knowing oneself; building networks and mastering communication skills.  Additional concepts will include: identifying stakeholders; relating values and authenticity to professional presence; the advantage of emotional intelligence; understanding communications styles and preparing to communicate for a variety of business forums.

Full Day Session:  BulletProof Presentations

Our full-day seminar includes “Thinking Differently About Presentations” and additional modules that offer tactics for dealing with the challenges speakers face in creating and delivering more formal presentations which involve elements like slides and larger audiences. The second half of this day-long course focuses on constructing a strong argument for your presentations and using methods like storytelling and persuasion techniques to win your audience over to your point of view. We discuss fear of public speaking and offer strategies for dealing with it, methods for planning the slides, visual aids and supporting materials that accompany your talks, and tips for polishing your performance when it is finally time to deliver your presentation.

(This full day seminar can be split over two days)

Workshop:  Building Better Presentations

Participants will work in small groups to start developing their presentations while focusing on how to best meet their objectives.  We’ll ask them to bring a topic to the session with them and provide a checklist of questions for them to answer.  This would include things like:  What is your objective?  What are your key points? Who is your audience?  What expectations do they bring to your presentation?  What kind of visual aids and other materials might you use?  They’ll discuss these issues in their small groups and share their conclusions with the bigger group.

Presentation Development

Each participant is given time to work on their own to develop their presentation and the materials that will accompany it.

Presentation Software Training

We can provide training on how to make the best use of your presentation software, whether you’re using PowerPoint, Keynote, or an alternative solution such as Prezi.

While the overall goal at BulletProof Presentations isn’t to train people in PowerPoint or other software we want to enable everyone to develop better skills with these tools if they’d like to take advantage of this opportunity.  Many of the comments we hear about the deficiencies of presentations are about PowerPoint slides that are boring, ugly, or both.  Software training can help with that, though it doesn’t necessarily help make good presenters.

Workshop:  Recording Prepared Presentations

Each participant will deliver their presentation to an audience and be videotaped.  There should be very limited feedback here to keep things moving and make others waiting to present more comfortable.  Constructive criticism will be offered in the following session.

Workshop:  Feedback on Recorded Presentations

This is a discussion session starting with each presenter giving a critique of their own performance and other members of the group offering constructive criticism.  We’ll provide a list of questions that can be discussed and moderate the workshop to ensure that the feedback is useful, accurate and fair.  Was the presenter’s objective clear?  Did their materials support their goals?  Did their delivery enhance or detract from their message?  What can they do the next time they present in order to be more effective?

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