PowerPoint At GM: How Slideshow Culture Buries Critical Information (And Costs Lives)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “death by PowerPoint,” but didn’t take it literally. No one has ever died because of PowerPoint, right? Think again. It may have happened–but probably not the way you imagined. A post from Joseph B. White … Continue reading

Improving Your Presentations: Ask Yourself These Questions

Last week I had the pleasure of serving as a judge in a presentation contest for people who were using Prezi for the first time. Staging a Prezi competition is such a terrrific idea that I’m already planning to steal … Continue reading

Create More Engaging Presentations: Prezi’s Experts Program

Do you want to create presentations that really stand out in the sea of PowerPoint slides? I’ve been recommending Prezi to people who want to create engaging visual aids for three years now. But one of the drawbacks to using … Continue reading

Steps in writing presentations: Editing your ideas

You don’t want to be critical of your ideas while you’re brainstorming for a presentation, but at some point you’re going to have to figure out what belongs, what doesn’t, and where it goes. We call this the editing phase, … Continue reading

Writing Fiction in Slides: Jennifer Egan’s “A Visit from the Goon Squad” PowerPoint

One of the biggest problems with relying on PowerPoint for all of your presentations is that it’s not a very good format for the storytelling that needs to be a part of any persuasive argument. The interruptions between slides and … Continue reading


Multi-Session Presentation Workshop:  Building Better Presentations and Professional Presence This series contains several seminars on developing an effective professional presence and becoming a more effective presenter. Participants will work together to build their own presentations based on what they learn … Continue reading


Half Day Session: Thinking Differently About Presentations Anyone can become a better presenter. This session introduces the idea that presentations are the most powerful communications tool in today’s workplaces and that we all need strong presentation skills if we want … Continue reading

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BulletProof Presentations seminars teach participants to create talks that focus on meeting the needs of their audience in order to be persuasive.  The core element of our program discusses why strong presentation skills are so important in our professional and … Continue reading