Shia LaBeouf Tries To Motivate Everyone

Don’t agree to help out with student projects?

Don’t allow yourself to be filmed in front of a green screen?

Get a haircut, Hippy?

I’ve been trying to find a legitimate lesson to be learned about presenting from these Shia LaBeouf videos so I can write about them, but I haven’t been able to convince myself that they are really relevant to most presenters. So I’m going to share them anyway.

This phenomenon started when LaBeouf agreed to be filmed in front of a green screen reading monologues written by art students in London. Once the original video (below) found its way to the internet, clever people all over the world started superimposing him into familiar scenes or their own original films. My favorites is the one where he’s trespassing on someone’s balcony, and it’s clear that he’s a repeat offender. But you can also see Shia encouraging the Teletubbies, Luke Skywalker, the Death Eaters, and just about anyone else if you spend enough time searching YouTube.